Sunday, October 17, 2010

California Trip in August

On the drive to California. She did sooooo good!

Great Grams and Kinsley at Cayucos beach :) Wish we could live out there!

Daddy and me at the beach

Me and my grampa

She has it so rough :) napping at the beach

First time Kinsley met Christine and the twins

Corrina and us at Cayucos beach

First time Kinsley met Sandy and the kids :)

Great Uncle David and us (Kinsley's great great uncle!!)

Happy girl at great grams and gramps

Chadly and I at the beautiful beach :) love it there

Great gramps and Kinsley hangin out

Grandpa dewy and Kinsley

Lisa and Kinsley at Pismo. Kinsley LOVED Lisa!!!

Harley's first time at the beach and he loved the waves and the sand!

Kinsley on the sand. First time!!!!

Napping on the beach, it was super windy at pismo

Kyle and Lisa, LOVE THEM!!!

MMMMMM...... Splash Cafe. YES PLEASE!

Meemaw and Kinsley the day she got back from Africa

Chad is a fish! Loves the water

Sara and I :)

Me and Morgan

Homecoming and other stuff

I am starting to update my blog once again! It has been a few months and a lot has happened since I have last updated, so I will try and catch everyone up as fast as possible!
I am back to work and Kinsley is with her babysitter again, and she LOVES it. In August, Kinsley got to meet her uncle Nate for the first time! She also went to the beach for the first time as well.  Uncle Nate came back from his mission in Ghana, Africa. We were all so happy to see him home :) He gave Kinsley her blessing on Oct. 22nd.
In September, we had a family vacation to Lake Powell. It was a lot of fun! There were two houseboats (but our was the BEST one with the BEST people on it) and 3 ski/speed boats. Were were there for 5 days and got to see Rainbow bridge, go tubing, lay out, and relax a bit.
October has been a good month and its not over yet! We got to go to Weber State homecoming. Kinsley had fun and then afterwards I went out with my girls! We had a great night at the Outlaw :)

 Kinsley Loves ice cream, just like her momma!
 Kinsley and Grandpa and Weber State homecoming

 Great Grandma Lindholm with Kisnsley

 Me and Livy, and those chubby cheeks!!! Oh how I can't wait for another one! :)

 Chelsea and Isla. Isla is a few months younger than Kinsley and has 4 times as much hair!

Leah and Kinsley :) 

Marcie and me at homecoming :)

 Aiden loved the Ice cream too, and so did Annie (in the background)

 Kinsley's Stanky face!!!! How cute is that! haha

 Chadly's birthday dinner at Simply Sushi

 DJ Kins, wicky wicky yall!!
 Kinsley loves her doggy Harley :)
 Baby girl on the move!! and doesn't like to stop!

Look at me mommy!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Camping and Boating '10

Some of these pictures are old, but I think it is time to update my blog! It has been a while! So I am skipping through a lot of things and might come back to it later.
Kinsley's first bubble bath. SHe thought it was pretty cool!

Silly girl likes to look at things upside down :)

This summer has been an eventful one! Since the weather has heated up, we have been out on the lake boating, and camping every weekend! We have had some wonderful times out at Flaming gorge with friends and family. We also went up to Pineview dam in Ogden for a day trip as well. Last weekend we went to Rockport. We had never been there but it was very hot and had fun tubing, laying in the sun, and sitting by the campfire.
Kinsley and I at Jordanelle Reservoir

Aunt kylene with Kinsley at Jordanelle.

Kinsley was playing with Daddy during 4th of July

Swimming in gramma and grammpa's pool on the 4th of July

Great Grandma and Grandpa Lindholm on the 4th

such a happy baby!


My beautiful family at Rodizio Grill in SLC

Aunt Leah and Miley on the way to Flaming Gorge

Big Girl driving the boat!

Chadly and Ba cooking at the Gorge

Silly girl, eating during our camping trip

Leah, me and Big Willy at the Gorge

My amazing family camping at the gorge

My fantastic and sexy hubby relaxing at the Gorge

Dirt bikes already!!?!?!?!?!

Jumping off the rope swing at Flaming Gorge

All three of us went tubing, and it was super crazy!

Love my baby girl sooo much

Curious about the jet ski and smiling like crazy :)